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Before we move on to Sara’s Civil Rights Era memoirs, let me tie up the loose ends for those of you who don’t know our family. Russell retired (not altogether willingly) from the grocery business in the late 1980s. He … Continue reading

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“I have never had any delusions of being a skilled writer or of ever writing a book in the hopes that it would be published. Twenty-five years of newspaper reporting and seeing feature stories published with my byline have pretty … Continue reading

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Sugar and Santa

“I would start about Thankgiving cooking for Christmas and would freeze all kinds of goodies. The cutout cookies were one of the first things to go in the freezer and then the cakes. I made enough cakes for me and … Continue reading

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The Best Night of the Year

“As little ones kept being added to the family we could always count on having more children around and more presents under the tree to be opened. There were a lot of funny incidents to remember, such as the time … Continue reading

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Turkey trot

Don’t give up on Sara’s memoirs; I’m throwing out the leftovers today and hope to be back in business, with at least two more postings, by tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving and Egg Bowl weekend to all!

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Sara Christmas

“I never had any desire to live anywhere but Greenwood, and the huge oak tree in the backyard which he [Russell] protected with stakes when it was just a twig next to the swing set reminds us that this really … Continue reading

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Turkey Sabbatical

“Daughter of the Delta” is cooking (?!) for English friends and relatives this week, so there may be a short interruption in the blogs. And I need some feedback from those of you who have faithfully followed this trip through … Continue reading

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